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    Maybe it's my fault but...Today I went to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS which is running OS4.0. Not usually a problem since I've jailbroken 3.x.x many times over. First few times the jailbreak app kept crashing, I eventually restored my phone, jailbroke and everything was fine, or so I thought. Cyida kept giving me error messages and eventually wouldn't let me open it (prompting me with updating messages of which it would stay for hours). Fine, I'll restore the phone I thought, only now, the phone only gets as far as the Apple logo, stays there a few hours then attempts a restart. Plugged it into my computer, nothing. No recognition at all. What should I do know? The phone is out of warranty so no luck bringing it back to the store either.
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    2010-08-03 10:54 PM
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    I recently jailbroke my iPhone 3GS with JailbreakMe.com. I'm also running iOS4.0 but now though my phone is just stuck on the Apple logo. I've let it run and its just been stuck for a couple hours now. iTunes will not recognize it and it won't plug into my computer. What can I do?
    you need to put the phone back in DFU mode. It will then be recognized by Itunes. Restore your phone, then use jailbreak again. This should fix your issue.

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    yep that will work.. i would put it in DFU mode hit shift and restore - go to here - Download iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G | Redmond Pie download the latest 4.01 software rename it at the end as .ipsw if your using internet explorer then Shift restore Iphone and it should work
    2010-08-03 11:00 PM