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    I have a 3g iphone with 4.0, recently jailbroke and using cydia.. i downloaded sbsettings, winterboard, some themes and a couple ringtones...

    I also downloaded ibluetooth, vWallpaper, and cant get these items to work at all..

    iBluetooth shows errors as it tries to install, and vWallpaper will download and install, i can open the app and then it just shuts down..

    What am i doing wrong? do i need other stuff i guess??

    I am extremely new to the jailbreak and iphone stuff.. any help would be appreciated
    2010-08-03 11:00 PM
  2. mortopher's Avatar
    There is an entire thread dedicated to iOS 4 Cydia app compatibility on these forums. It lists the issues, if any, of all apps. I'd give you the link but Im on my iPad.

    I don't use either of those apps that you are having problems with so I couldn't advise you directly on them.
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    2010-08-03 11:06 PM
  3. Will13's Avatar
    why use vWallpaper with Winterboard?
    2010-08-03 11:51 PM
  4. Kerryhall's Avatar
    Hey I have a 4s iOS 5.1.1 firmware 2.0.12 and I downloaded ibluetooth thru cydia. Every time I go to open it , it automatically closes down. I've tried reinstalling it. I've tried downloading from different sites and even cracked. And none will open. I've spent a longtime on the net trying to search why it won't. But there is nothing helpful out there. So please can someone help me or at least give me an explanation why it won't.
    2012-06-04 11:02 AM
  5. Henley96's Avatar
    2012-06-05 08:30 AM