1. twopossums's Avatar
    I jailbroke using jailbreakme and am trying to install some of my beloved apps from having been jb before. BiteSMS worked perfectly. However 3G Unrestrictor won't download from Cydia. Everytime into to install I get a message that says

    'the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies that cannot be found'

    Then below that it lists what it thinks I need I guess and it says
    Firmware >= 3.1

    I'm on 4.0 so I don't understand. I've found My3G on Rock and that works well it would just suck to have to buy a new program when I've already paid for unrestrictor. This seems to happen on a few other apps but unrestrictor is the main one I want.

    Any help? I've tried rebooting, ending all background apps, clearing the cache. No idea what to do.
    2010-08-04 05:22 AM