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    Anywho ive been trying to find a few answers as to why and how to fix a certain issue i had with cydia.
    I have an iphone 4 on 4.0.1. A few days ago i jailbroke it using jailbreakme.com and got cydia on my phone. But the problem began once i opened up cydia to start downloading all these juicy 3rd party apps. After opening cydia for the first time a small black bar is displayed across ontop that says its downloading new packets and what not. Problem is that it tells me there was an error and it could not connec to to server/download the files. I disregarded and figured id try downloading some apps. Same issue, error msg saying something about unable to connect / download. I dont recall exactly what the error msg read but simply i wasnt able to download anything despite being over wifi or 3g with full bars. Since then i have restored my phone to unjailbreak it and have been attemping to find an answer as to what went wrong. Im hesitant to JB my phone again until im able to find some info. Maybe it didnt JB correctly and i just have to re JB? I dont know. Also will i be able to sync music and what not with itunes safely without having an affect on my JB device? I currently have the latest version of itunes.
    2010-08-07 08:04 PM