1. rcm52's Avatar
    every time i download an apple firmware IPSW file redsnOw won't open the file says ISPW not reconizable I'm useing explorer 7 any suggestions
    2010-08-10 08:57 PM
  2. neodude237's Avatar
    What version of redsn0w and what firmware + phone are you trying to jb??
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    2010-08-10 09:53 PM
  3. seann33uk's Avatar
    redsnow can only JB 3.0 to 3.1.2/3
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    2010-08-10 09:57 PM
  4. devilpupv's Avatar
    Go to the Dev Teams site and read their release notes. Make sure your version of your phone is compatable. If it is try DL another IPSW.
    2010-08-10 10:24 PM
  5. i.Annie's Avatar
    redsnow can only JB 3.0 to 3.1.2/3
    Redsn0w will JB 4.0 just fine.

    Redsn0w 0.9.3 = for 3.1.2
    Redsn0w 0.9.4 = for 3.1.3 (must point at 3.1.2 ipsw tho)
    Redsn0w 0.9.4b5-5 = for 4.0 and 4.0.1 (both must point at 4.0 ipsw)

    Edit: FW might not be recognized because you are not pointing at the right firmware version in Redsn0w or you have downloaded the FW in .rar or .zip format, in which it needs to be in .ipsw format. Try downloading firmware from Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Those will download the file correctly. You can also try changing the file name from .zip or .rar to .ipsw.
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    2010-08-10 10:30 PM