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    Just noticed it today because my VW CC's phone pairing was all jacked up. I went to dial via my car and my phone book and all calls to and from my phone showed up as blocks and random letters instead of the number or names of who called or who I called.

    So I figured I would try to re-pair it to my car and nothing changed. turned off the BT and it rebooted into safe mode! Removed the most recent apps Ive installed from Cydia to see if that changed anything...nope. Turn BT back on it took a long time to pair with my car but when it did, everything seemed ok.

    Get home and out of the car, try to turn BT off and it does the same thing. So...my question is, has anyone else had this problem? If so, fix action? If not, wtf caused this? Im on 4.0 and am considering upgrading to 4.0.1 then rejailbreaking and making sure BT and WiFi are turned off...

    2010-08-18 02:19 AM