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    hi there,

    i hope my question is appropriate here:
    today i restored my ip4 and jailbroke it. i have the feeling that cydia is missing some updates.
    before i restored it, right after the jailbreakme 2.0 there were some crashes and no hi res icon. then there were some updates where i got the better icon (maybe the "uikit tools"?).
    and now i'm back to the more often crashes and the low res icon. all updates installed and no further available. so i assume theres something missing. am i right?

    i've used the search but didn't find anything. ideas? thank you very much in advance for any help.

    please excuse my bad english.
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    I finally fixed the missing Cydia (and other Icons) problem afer Jailbreaking with Greenpoison !!!
    Not sure if the same will apply to you but here goes….

    If you go to spotlight search on your iDevice, and search for Cydia, you will probably find it still on your iDevice. It seems that none of your apps are deleted, just the icons.
    OK, now run Cydia.
    Search for an App called SB Settings and install.
    After rebooting the iDevice, activate SB Settings (Usually by swiping your screen left or right (This can be changed).
    Tap on “More”
    Tap on “Hide Icons”
    Make sure all the sliders are set to “ON”
    Miracuously, after closing SB settings, which will cause a Respring, all your icons, including CYDIA will be back on your iDevice. They may not be in the folders you had originally stored them in, but that is easily resolved.

    I think the reason for this was beecause GreenPoison did not take into account your previously set SB settings for some reason. Some work needed there by the Chronic Team please ! Great work, regardless guys !!
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