1. lay3r3's Avatar
    Many thanks to all of you that do the work so that us moochers can enjoy the benefits you unlock. I spent several hours last night reading this forum (among some others) to try and learn what I needed to to make the upgrade. I had iTunes sync my apps, then held my breath and performed an iTunes restore to 4.0.2, restored my data and checked out all the functions (voice/data/etc). Followed that up with redsnOw beta using the 4.0 ipsw file and all went smooth as ice.

    Lesson learned? Backup your Cydia apps! Granted, you don't have to repay for anything but it's tough to remember what you had. I took it as an opportunity to clear out a bunch of garbage I wasn't using and put on what I could remember that I used day to day. But next time I'll have an app backup for those apps too.

    So far, I'm happy with the move. Pushing to 4.0.2 was a little gutsy/ignorant (bit of a mistake actually) but so far the only thing is SBCategories isn't supported which is one of my favorite hacks.

    Anyway, thanks again for doing your magic!
    2010-08-19 01:04 AM
  2. riverratt's Avatar
    I just want to second what lay3r3 says. Well said lay3r3!

    Those folks who make these things possible for the rest of us really do deserve some praise and appriecation.

    Thank you.
    2010-08-19 01:10 AM