1. Ninibabii86's Avatar
    I have jb my iPhone 4 but I want to restore to undo it. I realize that I need to restore and then restore again from back up however will I still b able to restore from back up and get all my stuff back from 4.0.1 or if I update to 4.0.2 will I not be able to restore from back up that's on 4.0.1? Any help would be appreciated...
    2010-08-21 11:12 PM
  2. neodude237's Avatar
    When un-doing a jailbreak, it is always best to restore from scratch.
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    2010-08-21 11:25 PM
  3. ShredNasty's Avatar
    As neodude said, it's best to go from scratch. You CAN run into problems. It doesn't mean you WILL. To answer your question, a backup is a backup and is not OS version dependent. A backup from 4.0.1 will work on 4.0.2, but since you are jailbroken, there is a possibility of running into issues. Try it and see. The worst that can happen is you'll have to restore again and go from scratch......
    2010-08-21 11:46 PM
  4. Ninibabii86's Avatar
    Ooo ok ii get it now...ok so im gonna restore from scratch n then I'll restore from back up the last back up that ii did was before ii jailbroke my phone...is that ok?
    2010-08-22 08:03 AM