1. dsig's Avatar
    Ok can someone help me out here, got and iphone 4 looking to jailbreak still on FW 4.0.1, can anyone give me the risk with the new iphone 4 jailbreak, as far as brinking, does the battery drain faster? just some reason to keep one from jailbreaking.
    Thank you
    2010-08-26 11:45 AM
  2. eyeRobot's Avatar
    There's no risk because it's reversible.
    2010-08-26 11:53 AM
  3. dsig's Avatar
    good reason, i had the 3g and jailbroke that but i didnt know if the 4 would be diff in anyway, now would it be best to use jailbreakme.com ?
    2010-08-26 12:30 PM
  4. seann33uk's Avatar
    its pretty much only way to JB a 4g on 4.0.1 so yes.
    Being an i can be a lot of pressure. you have to live right up to the small point.
    2010-08-26 12:38 PM
  5. dsig's Avatar
    thank you will do this when i get off work

    will jailbreaking wear down my battery faster then normal?
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    2010-08-26 01:49 PM
  6. eyeRobot's Avatar
    Unlocking can, but JB I don't think so
    2010-08-26 02:42 PM
  7. dsig's Avatar
    thanks, just trying to get some info before i do, does anyone have a list of much have cydi apps?
    2010-08-26 02:46 PM
  8. eyeRobot's Avatar
    News articles on this site did some good reviews recently.
    2010-08-26 02:47 PM
  9. dsig's Avatar
    2010-08-26 02:53 PM