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    First post here, and i need some help, being almost computer/Apple illiterate myself.

    I had an iPod Touch on iOS 4.0.1, and then i went and decided to Jailbreak it. I did everything it said, Cydia 'made my life easier', etc. And then i accidentally let iTunes upgrade to 4.0.2, and i can't go back.

    I followed the instructions here: Caching Apple's Signature Server - Jay Freeman (saurik), as far as i could. I managed to get my iPod into Recovery mode, and got the message with iTunes about needing to restore before using it again, etc. I also entered the things into the hosts file on Windows (screenshot attached because i'm not sure if i did it right). But, when i hold Shift and press Restore in iTunes, i can't find any iPod firmware to restore to.

    What am i doing wrong? I fear that it's because i only first accessed Cydia with iOS 4.0.1, not version 3.x. Also, if in the event all else fails, is thaere a way to get it out of recovery mode without restoring with Apple and losing everything on my iPod?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if there's a simple answer for this.
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    Well if that screenshot is your hosts file you haven't updated it, so thats where your problem lies.
    2010-08-27 02:52 PM
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    Updated it? How do i do that? I just assumed i pressed the save button?
    2010-08-27 03:19 PM
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    As it says in the link you provided, you need to do this:

    So, open the file C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts (Windows) or /etc/hosts (Mac OS X) and add the following entry to the bottom of the file. gs.apple.com
    The screenshot you posted does not show this line.
    2010-08-27 05:06 PM
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    Hmm, i'm sorry to have to ask so many times, but i do see the line in the screenshot, at the bottom. Granted, i have no idea if i did it right. Anyone care to provide a shot of what it's supposed to look like?

    I should probably mention i have no idea what hosts even are, and i wouldn't even have known that file was on there if it wasn't for that article; that kinda reflects my computer prowess in general.

    Thanks to here, and another board, i have successfully gotten back to my old version 4.0, turns out the problem was not the hosts file, but that i'd forgotten to actually DOWNLOAD THE OLD FIRMWARE. What was i thinking?!?!?! Anyways, thanks for everyone's help.
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