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    Tried that and the same happened: error 3002

    Here is the error details:

    010-08-30 13:40:55.833 [3504:bbc]: restore library built Jun 8 2010 at 18:17:31
    2010-08-30 13:40:55.833 [3504:bbc]: iTunes: iTunes
    2010-08-30 13:40:56.078 [3504:bbc]: iTunes: Current software version: 7D11
    2010-08-30 13:40:56.078 [3504:bbc]: iTunes: Software payload version: 8A306 (option key)
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.634 [3504:694]: iTunes: Specifying UOI boot image
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.666 [3504:694]: requested restore behavior: Erase
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.670 [3504:694]: amai: AMAuthInstallPlatformCreateDataFromFileURL: can't resolve file
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.827 [3504:694]: amai: AMAuthInstallRequestSendSync: received tss response (server version: 0.6.30-b2)
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.856 [3504:694]: amai: AMAuthInstallApCopyPersonalizedImg3Data: response missing entry "RestoreKernelCache"
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.856 [3504:694]: amai: _AMAuthInstallBundleInstallPersonalizedEntry: failed to personalize img3 object: Entry not found
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.856 [3504:694]: amai: _AMAuthInstallBundlePopulatePersonalizedBundle: failed to install "RestoreKernelCache" in personalized bundle: Entry not found
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.856 [3504:694]: amai: AMAuthInstallBundlePersonalizePartial: failed to personalize bundle
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.856 [3504:694]: failed to personalize the restore bundle: Entry not found
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.856 [3504:694]: AMRAuthInstallDeletePersonalizedBundle
    2010-08-30 13:40:57.945 [3504:694]: removed personalized bundle
    2010-08-30 13:40:58.019 [3504:bbc]: iTunes: Restore error 3002

    OK,,,,I fixed it by editing the host file with: gs.apple.com

    Only problem now is the phone has no contacts or info at all because this is a different computer and I did not back up on this one. The backup is on my usual pc. Can I go back to my usual pc with iTunes on it and restore my contacts? Please explain a little how to do it. I don't want to lose the work I just acccomplished. thanks
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    2010-08-30 08:30 PM
  2. korin125's Avatar
    You can. Connect your device and select the phone it itunes. right click and restore from backup. It clearly states it will only restore contacts, calenders, and settings, NOT the firmware.

    That looks to be what you want but its is not recommended to restore from a backup if the device was previously jailbroken as it can cause problems, so it is recommended to sync your contacts with someone like google. But you should be fine.
    2010-08-31 01:18 AM
  3. Dubro's Avatar
    OK,,,,Since it's not jailbroken now and has never been what your saying is restoring contacts and apps with iTunes will not cause problem. I do have all my contacts in Google but if I can do it without causing problems then I'll use iTunes.
    2010-08-31 02:58 AM
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    Do not restore from a backup. Individually sync the stuff you want from your normal comouter and then visit Jailbreakme.com

    Backups are convenient, but can cause issues.
    2010-08-31 03:52 AM
  5. korin125's Avatar
    If you can easily sync everything do it that way. If not, I still don't think you will have any problems.

    Do it whatever way you want.
    2010-08-31 03:54 AM
  6. Dubro's Avatar
    OK, thanks for the help.

    I used the backup in iTunes. Wi Fi won't connect. I don't know why. Could it be because I used the backup in iTunes? Any advice on how to fix Wi Fi. I already did the reset. Should I do a shift/restore and start all over?
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    2010-08-31 05:59 PM
  7. i.Annie's Avatar
    Restore again and set up as new. Its likely that restoring from back up has caused the issue. Or simply the JB as well but safer to just set up as new.
    2010-08-31 06:02 PM
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