1. sulaymanf's Avatar
    Here's an interesting problem I haven't seen before

    Using an iPhone4 and 4.0.1 I jailbroke and unlocked the phone and am using a different SIM. Now, the names have all been stripped from the SMS conversations.

    All my conversations are still there but it shows the phone number, and not the name from my Phonebook. The phonebook entries are still there and I even imported the numbers from the SIM card. Sending messages shows the name, but the replies went into a new conversation, with number and no name.

    It seems to be a formatting issue, adding +1 before the number on the contacts and restarting the sms app organizes some of the texts, but then the older texts lose their names and the new ones gain it.

    anyone else heard of this? Is there any way to get it to recognize both phone numbers without area codes, phone numbers with area codes, and phone numbers with +1 as the same #?

    all help and feedback is much appreciated.
    2010-08-29 07:17 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    There is a fix in cydia called caller id format fix I believe, you may have to install the ispazio repo first to see it. It hasn't been updated for 4.0 yet but the most recent one still works fine on 4.0
    2010-08-29 07:20 PM