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    Hi all I have just updated my 3gs to 4.0.1 and used pkgbackup to restore my apps.

    I keep getting problems just need some help.

    Springboard just crashs all the time and sits in safe mode
    some off my downloaded apps( brackgrounder, insomina etc) have no icons there just blank! none of my apps work ie sbssettings, backgrounder etc.

    Any help would be great


    just an update just installed pdf patch and I have my icons back but springboard still crashs no sbsettings etc any ideas?
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    2010-08-30 04:04 PM
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    A lot of jb apps still don't work with 4.0 yet. Your best bet is probably to restore to new and don't use your backup. Then rejailbreak but this time load each jb app at a time until you find the one or ones that are causing the issues.
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    2010-08-30 05:54 PM