1. Terrence72's Avatar
    Ok i jail broke my iphone with ziphone and i have the 1.1.4 firmware. Im trying to get wall paper from the installer but i dont know how to get it. Can anyone help me with it?

    Then my 2nd question i have youtube and i cant get it to work and i got the 1.1.4 activator. but its still not working
    2008-03-18 05:26 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Once you download a wallpaper from installer. It adds it to your "photos". check there and then choose it as wallpaper.
    2008-03-18 05:30 AM
  3. Terrence72's Avatar
    How would i download a wallpaper from installer? i need info
    2008-03-18 05:37 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    The coolest way to download wallpapers straight from the iphone is to installer an app called "wallpaper.app" from installer.

    You will have to add this source to installer: http://www.iappaday.com/install/

    It scrolls through wallpaper after wallpaper and if you like one you see, hit the screen and you can save it.
    2008-03-18 05:45 AM
  5. Terrence72's Avatar
    Ok thank you
    2008-03-18 05:52 AM