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    I've had a 3GS phone since new for just over a month and already it is unrecognizable by iTunes and will not charge unless it is fully drained. Funny part is that my imac will boot the phone if it is powered off and I connect the cable, but once the phone boots the connection is lost between the iPhone and the iMac. I have tried to use different cables and different computers with different OSs but none have worked. The phone is jailbroken and unlocked on 4.0.1 and now I am forced to send it in for replacement to Apple. If I delete everything off the phone (except cydia of course) and put a password on it and put it into DFU before I send it off is there anyway Apple will know that it is jailbroken and void my warranty?

    Any feedback is appreciated.
    2010-09-09 02:05 AM
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    They most likely wont send the same phone back to you, you will get a refurb. You should do the erase all data thing in settings to wipe it clean. I would imagine they can tell its jailbroken through your password....
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    2010-09-09 02:19 AM
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    I had someone bring me a phone that was jailbroken and he tried to erase all data and settings and completely fried his logic board. The phone now won't boot past the apple logo and displays lines of code until the spinning wheel appears and the phone finally restarts into another loop of code. Definitely not recommended but probably not detectable by Apple unless there is something in the code that screams "jailbroken"
    2010-09-09 04:37 AM
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    All you have to do is do a restore to stock software and send it in. When you get the new one or that one back, just jailbreak again. if cydia is even on it they will know, or if you don't restore they will know it's jailbroken.
    2010-09-09 04:41 AM
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    That's the issue, I can't do a restore. No computer will recognize my iPhone past booting the phone. The only way to charge the phone is to put it in DFU and plug it into the wall charger.
    2010-09-09 09:07 AM
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    It's up to the discretion of the receiving end. If you passcode lock and put it into DFU mode, then I doubt they'll put much effort into getting passed that.

    Have you tried putting your phone into dfu mode while it's plugged it into your computer? I saw that's how you charged it, but if the wall charger can pick it up in DFU, maybe your computer can. Give it a shot. This can avoid sending your phone in.

    Remember to plug it in THEN put it into DFU mode.

    I had a SIMILAR problem, all I had to do was put it into DFU mode, then downgrade back to 4.0.1
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    2010-09-09 07:27 PM
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    Thanks for the input, I will give it a shot and let you know how it works out.

    Still no love, I guess I'm just going to drain the battery, keep the password, and put it into DFU before I send it back. I will let you know the outcome as soon as possible.
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