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    somehow my ipod ****** up

    last night i tried to download a app from cydia that allowed me to put the icons wherever you want. Afterwards it Reloaded infinityyyyyyyyyyyy and then the "Connect to iTunes crap" came. Today i tried to rehack it with blackra1n but only that picture of the guy comes and then for a min it stays like that and then the Reloading Sign comes and then blackra1n starts again and the whole Process beginns from the beginning again.

    I have 3.1.2 and i have 2g ipod touch "MC" hacked with blackra1n.


    And I also want to update to 4.0 afterwards, but it doesnt seem to work because of 3004 Error :/

    Help me or im gonna restore my ipod to 4.2 :/

    omg help me please
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    2010-09-11 09:07 PM
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    Do you have shshs for 4.0(1)?
    If I somehow helped you, press thanks
    2010-09-11 09:30 PM
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    yes on cydia it had that green blob with 4.0
    2010-09-11 11:07 PM
  4. Timtacious's Avatar

    Download TinyUmbrella (The Firmware Umbrella)

    Allow it whatever permissions it needs.

    Under "Advanced Options", select "4.0" for iPod 2G, then click "Save my SHSH"

    Download the 4.0 firmware from Apple

    Turn on the TSS server in TinyUmbrella

    Shift+Click on "Restore" in itunes, and select the 4.0 file
    2010-09-12 12:27 AM
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    I get a Error on iTunes that makes me unable to update. Can you give me a download link for the firmware?

    Plus the tinybroom doesnt rly recognize my ipod it only says iDevide859380 something like that but only when i run blackr1n it works for some seconds, I mean it changes to my iPod name.

    So Pls Help me!
    2010-09-12 08:38 PM
  6. Timtacious's Avatar
    lol, tinybroom

    It changes to "iDevice" if the ECID is wrong. I'm not exactly sure what could be causing it to read incorrectly.

    Go here for a link to the firmware.

    More specifically, click here for the direct download
    2010-09-13 03:29 AM
  7. axee's Avatar
    xD omg my ipod is focked it cant even read the ecid right

    help me
    2010-09-13 06:02 PM