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    I used to have my phone at the latest version. I was told I needed to downgrade from iTunes in order for Cydia to work. The problem is, my iTunes was only able to restore/downgrade back to 4.1, not 4.0 or older.

    So I took it to a cellphone shop to add cydia and they had to downgrade my firmware to 3.1.3 and pretty much restored and deleted everything. Luckily I backed up my info on iTunes.

    NOW HERE'S THE PROBLEM: I''m trying to get my contacts and everything back on my phone (with the hopes that I can still enjoy having cydia), but iTunes is telling me that my firmware 3.1.3 is too old so it cannot restore from backup. Instead, it says I have to set it up as a new phone and update to the latest version. If I do that, I'll be back at square one with NO cydia.

    Please help!!!! I just want my contacts/sms/info + cydia!

    in case anyone shares the same problem as me... i just found a solution!!
    go to this forum and follow the steps/instructions:

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