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    All 3GS regardless of Old / New bootrom requires shsh blogs in order to restore to stock firmware.
    There have been cases 3GS owners have said they have not saved their shsh blogs but are able to downgrade.
    The main reason I can think of is :
    Anyone can input an ECID manually into Tiny Umbrella and save the shsh blogs with Cydia.
    There have been iphone ring busts in some parts of the world.
    These people could be pushing shsh blogs towards Cydia for whatever reason and one of blogs saved could be yours. That is why you will have what I called magical blogs. I hope this make sense.
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    2010-09-30 05:21 AM
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    Yeah there is really a bunch of misinformation going round this thread from a few different posters.

    iPhone 3GS cannot be JB on 4.0.2 at all? Yes it can, IF and only IF you are previously jailbroken and on the old bootrom.

    The downgrade without SHSH blobs is not working for anyone who hasn't had their blobs saved at some point in the past. See what the guy above said.

    Upgrading to 4.1 is ok IF and only IF you do not require an unlock for your phone. If you require an unlock DO NOT UPDATE TO 4.1!

    Also they already stated that SHAtter will Jailbreak ALL iOS devices past and present so yes, when Greenpois0n is released you can jailbreak 4.0.2.
    2010-09-30 08:46 AM
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    Here are my questions, My 3gs 3.1.2 new bootrom was previously jailbreaked with blackra1n.It was verry annoying to have to connect it to a PC every time the battery was down.
    But I can not remenber wat I did wrong I was unable to use blackraa1n again, I was unable to boot my Iphone and the only way to revive my 3gs was to go to 4.0.2.
    But I do know for sure is that when my Iphone was under blackra1n under CYDIA it was in green "This device has SHSHson file for Iphone OS/ iOS:3.1.2, 1.1.3, 4.0, 4.0.1"

    So if my Iphone was 3.1.2 jailbreaked, where 1.1.2; 4.0 ;4.0.1 comes from.

    Can I realy go back to 3.1.2 or 4.0.1 ?

    Because if anything goes wrong is Itune going to let me go back to 4.0.2 or 4.1
    2010-10-04 12:54 AM
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    You can restore to 3.1.2 to 4.0.1 and vice versa but the baseband once upgraded cannot be reversed. Anyway 4.0.1 baseband can still be unlocked.
    2010-10-04 01:01 AM
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    The reason why you have all of those saved is because once you authorize Cydia to save your SHSHs, they will be saved automatically for any firmware being signed at the current moment. You do not have to be on that particular firmware to have SHSHs for it.
    2010-10-04 01:11 AM
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    Thanks Yeow202,

    With 3.1.2 the baseband was 05.11.07, now with 4.0.2 it has 05.13.04.
    If I manage to get it to 4.0.1 which jailbreak option do you reccomand.
    2010-10-04 01:13 AM
  7. iYeow's Avatar
    Jailbreakme 2.0 from Safari on your iphone at 4.0.1 firmware
    2010-10-04 01:14 AM
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