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  1. Funked's Avatar
    Hey guys, I just bought an iPhone 4 today and surprisingly it came with 4.0.1. I was thinking about jailbreaking it now, then just updating to 4.1 and rejailbreaking when the jb is released. Although that seems like a lot of hassle, losing my settings etc when I update. So I was going to update to 4.1 now so I can set the phone up how I like it, and just waiting for the jb. But if I update now, will I /definitely/ be able to jb it? Or will it do something to the baseband or anything which will leave me without a jb? I'm not too sure about all the technical details of the updates, so any help would be appreciated!

    iPad 2 16GB Wifi iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    iPhone 4S 16GB iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    2010-09-14 11:14 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    First, if you jailbreak at 4.0.1 and then update to 4.1, all jailbroken stuffs will be deleted
    If you are with the official carrier, when the jailbreak for 4.1 comes out , you will still be able to jailbreak and use it on the official carrier.
    Yes, the OS 4.1 has a different Baseband but it doesn't matter to you if you are with the official carrier.
    2010-09-14 11:55 PM
  3. Funked's Avatar
    Yeah I'm with Orange, an official UK carrier so I don't need ultrasn0w or anything. I think I will just update to 4.1 and wait for the jailbreak to be released. Since it will be released very soon (I hope!), I don't see a point in jailbreaking now, then losing it all for the sake of a few days/weeks. Thanks for your help!

    iPad 2 16GB Wifi iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    iPhone 4S 16GB iOS 5.0.1 - Absinthe
    2010-09-14 11:59 PM
  4. XFaega's Avatar
    There's really no gain on the 4.1. I did the restore to 4.1 and still have the baseband 1.59.00. I didn't really see any improvements. But if you feel like you have to update to 4.1 go a ahead.
    2010-09-15 12:07 AM