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    Hey my iphone 4 got stuck so i restored i saved my shsh blob before i restored so i updated and restores but when i go to have a look what firmware i am on it says 4.1 but when i go on jailbreakme.com it says you need to downgrade to 4.0.1 so i downloaded 4.0.1 firmware and i restored using the 4.0.1 it comes up with an error saying error while restoring (3002) Please HELP. Thanks
    2010-09-15 08:49 PM
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    Have you edited your hosts file to point to Cydia, this line : gs.apple.com
    2010-09-15 09:12 PM
  3. jamie181's Avatar
    2010-09-15 09:48 PM
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    With the hosts file being edited, and you are getting error 3002.
    Do this, download tiny Umbrella and check if you have shsh blogs with Cydia.

    Edit : You have to click Advanced option to grab the required shsh blogs from Cydia, do the save shsh and display shsh, if you have any.
    If you can't grab it, then you cannot downgrade.
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    2010-09-15 10:05 PM
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    i have done that too
    2010-09-15 10:20 PM
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    It is very easy to find out if you have shsh blogs.
    Download tiny Umbrella version 4.1.4
    Plug your iphone into the pc, your iphone must be bootable.
    Run tiny umbrella
    click Advanced Option,
    Highlight device/version, let's say iphone 4, 4.0.1 shsh
    Request from Cydia
    Then click Save shsh
    Read what the answer say , it takes a minute or so
    If it says restoring to the OS, will not succeed, you are too late.
    Then don't waste your time, it just won't downgrade.
    There will be a new jailbreak for 4.1 but now you can save 4.1 locally and push the 4.1 shsh to Cydia too eventhough you are not jailbroken.
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    2010-09-15 11:03 PM