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    Ive been trying to sync my Itunes with my phone since last night and i keep getting the same error "Itunes cannot read the contents of the iphone. Go to the summary tab in IPhone preferences and click restore to restore this iphone to factory settings"

    I still have an older version of itunes...9 something... I am running 4.0.1 on my iphone.. I have done a system restore..NOTHING...turned my phone off..NOTHING...restarted my computer..NOTHING..Went into cydia and uninstalled anything that i may have recently installed that would have messed it up..NOTHING.. I switched usb cords..NOTHING

    I completely uninstalled itunes and reinstalled itunes 10.. the same problem keeps happening.. Everything was working fine last nite.. I went back and double checked to make sure i didnt install anything else that would conflict with it and i cant think of anything? I CANT SYNC HELP!!
    2010-09-17 03:28 AM
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    Try this. I couldn't find my old post here to help but could try this.

    "download and install i-funbox i-FunBox | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch via USB Connect your iPhone, Go and find “iTunesDB” using i-funbox and delete it, Open iTunes on your PC\Mac"

    Or this if you don't have funbox

    "Using iPhone Explorer (or via SSH into the phone), I deleted “/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB” database file and then re-started iTunes. All was well."
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    2010-09-17 03:35 AM
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    DAMN dude ura life saver... i fianlly found it.. and it worked like a charm.. u saved me a restore.. much thanks!!!
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    2010-09-17 03:56 AM
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    Just had to do this for a friend and it worked fine to fix the issue. Any idea what causes this issue in the first place?
    2010-10-26 06:59 PM
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    Not sure. I just know this question comes up every little while and I have it saved somewhere because it took me hours of searching and many PMs with another member who had this problem over a year ago to find this one solution. Glad it still helps.

    I think I read at some point that a sync goes bad and currupts the DB file.
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    2010-10-27 02:02 AM
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    Just wanted to add that deleting iTunesDB didn't do it for me. I instead deleted iTunesCDB too and now i'm able to sync. Thanks
    2010-12-14 12:55 PM
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    nice save bro, worked great
    2010-12-24 12:59 AM
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    Glad this is still helping people.
    2010-12-24 04:32 AM
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    I was thrilled to get so far using i-funbox and deleting first the iTunesDB and then the iTunesCDB files. Now I can recognize the iPhone using iTunes but my music in the iPhone folder shows as empty. It is still on my iPhone. I successfully transferred one song over to the iPhone folder as a test. I thought it ran the synch when I plugged in the iPhone. Should I also initiate the synch from iTunes? I'm afraid of wiping everything out.
    2010-12-26 03:41 PM
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    I too deleted the iTunes DB and iTunes CDB files and my music section came up empty however the Other section which used to be under 1gb is now over 10gb

    My only guess is that the music is now in other.

    I am syncing now to see if it rectifies but I have a feeling I'm still going to have to do a restore to get rid of the double up of music

    Any help anyone has would be appreciated!!
    2010-12-27 04:54 AM
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    Yes, a similar thing happened to me. After removing the iTunesDB and CDB files, the memory usage shifted on the phone with almost four gig listed as other. When I checked again, the other category had dropped to about half a gig. Also the test song I had downloaded to the iPhone with iTunes is gone.

    The system keeps asking if I want to upgrade to 4.2.? Anyone have advice on this, too?
    2010-12-27 05:33 AM
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    well i finally finished syncing and the other is still over 10gb but all my audio and movies are still there too :-(

    anyone know how to correct this without restoring?

    If anyone else has the same problem as I did then follow the post on this page
    iphone not syncing Do i delete iTunesDB - MacRumors Forums
    worked a treat for me :-)
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    2010-12-27 08:23 AM
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    Dude you copied off of me, from another postreply.
    2011-02-21 06:40 PM
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    This fix still works! I used iPhone Explorer to remove iTunesDB. That allowed me to synch my iPhone 4, which was giving me the message 'iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone.'

    modmyi rocks!

    Okay, well, actually, now I have the problem referenced above. I suddenly have 14.5GB of 'other' files. That meant I had to reconfigure my audio and photo files to fit inside the capacity of the iPhone. Hmmm. Well. This is not optimal.

    Anyone got ideas? I'm running a 32GB iPhone 4 on Verizon with software version 4.2.6.
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    2011-03-07 05:43 PM
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    I had the same problem after deleting "iTunes CDB file"

    "This happened to my 3GS iOS 4.1 - here's the solution.

    * Downloaded i-FunBox which gives you control of the iPhone’s file system from your computer
    * Searched the file system for a file entitled iTunesDB. It appeared as 0 bytes and resides in a folder ending iTunes_Control\iTunes
    * Delete it
    * Disconnected the iPhone from the PC
    * Reconnected

    On iOS4, the file you need to delete is iTunesCDB

    BUT it doesn't end there. Deleting this database files ORPHANS all your music and video files. Meaning, your files are still in your iPhone occupying space but iTunes now doesn't know what they are so if you check your iTunes Summary all these are listed is OTHERS and not MUSIC or VIDEOS.

    After doing the above, you have to delete ALL your videos and music files inside the iphone using iFunbox or SSH manually. If not, this is all wasted space in your iphone. The music and video files are STILL THERE but itunes does not know what they are because you deleted the DB file.

    You will find music and video files in /var/root/Media/iTunes_Control/

    delete all folders with music video files in them...

    RESYNC to get back all your music and video files and recreate your iTunes DB file."
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    2011-03-09 04:22 AM
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    Sorry no links
    2011-03-09 04:57 AM
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    hye brother,
    i want to sync my iphone
    but it is not syncing
    it says cannot load your iphone, to load open the summary bar and restore to factory settings..
    please help me out
    i have 4.2 version iphone 3gs
    2011-03-13 12:08 AM
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    Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/
    and delete the file iTunesDB
    At this point, iTunes will no longer give you the error message BUT, your music, ringtones, podcasts will still be taking up space on your iPhone but your iPhone won't try to read them and iTunes won't see them.
    And i share you a column about iPhone Transfer. This has worked perfectly for me everytime I've tried it.
    Hope it can do you a favor.
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    2011-04-11 04:24 PM
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    2011-04-12 05:23 AM
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    wrong topic, sorry
    2011-04-23 10:28 PM
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