1. nedk's Avatar
    Hi, I was in the process of upgrading the software on a iphone 2G yesterday and fully expected that I would have to do the jailbreak and unlocking again however after I upgraded the phone to 3.1.3 it continued to work on t-mobile and I did not need to do any jailbreak or unlock and Cydia is not showing in springboard anymore.

    Is this normal that I didn't need to do any jailbreak or unlocking?

    The phone was previously jailbroken and unlocked when it was on version 1.0.2 and I did have cydia on it. I don't remember what tools I had used as that was years ago but I know it was done via windows machine and i think a program called bootneuter.
    2010-09-21 04:56 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Once unlocked a iPhone 2G will always be unlocked. Updating just wipes away the jailbreak and sometimes your activation. If you want cydia back just jailbreak again with redsn0w.
    2010-09-21 05:09 PM