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    This is a portion of another post I made, just thought it would be beneficial to have it on its own as there are still many questions and misconceptions about what SHSH are and how to get them.

    About SHSH

    A good explanation of SHSH is here: Caching Apple's Signature Server - Jay Freeman (saurik)
    Basically it is a certificate of sorts that apple gives your device when trying to restore to a certain firmware. Cydia can store these for you and allow you to use them to downgrade when you need to.There are 3 ways to obtain SHSH for your device:
    1: When jailbroken open cydia and press the “make my life easier” that pops up when you first open it.
    2: Edit your hosts files as detailed in that link above from Saurik.
    3: Use tiny umbrella, a guide on how to use tiny umbrella to save your SHSH and use them to downgrade can be found here: Apple, iPhone & iPad Forums | ModMyi.com
    4: You can use iFaith or redsnow to extract the SHSH from the device itself for the firmware you are currently on. This is one way you can save SHSH even after Apple has stopped signing a firmware.

    Once Apple stops signing a certain firmware you cannot save your SHSH for that firmware anymore. So even if not jailbroken tiny umbrella can be used to save your SHSH for the current firmware so that when a jailbreak does come out you will always be able to restore to that firmware even if a new firmware comes out.

    Some facts about SHSH:
    1: You do not need to be jailbroken to save SHSH.
    2: You do not need to be on a certain firmware to save SHSH for that firmware. You can be on 3.1.3 and just as easily save SHSH for 4.1 with tiny umbrella.
    3: Once one of these 3 methods is used to save SHSH cydia will automatically save SHSH for all future firmwares when possible. So even if you think you do not have SHSH it is always recommended to download tiny umbrella and check just to be sure.
    4: SHSH are device specific. They cannot be transferred from one device to another.

    What devices need SHSH:

    iPhone 4S/4/3GS/3G
    iPod Touch 4G/3G/2G
    iPad 1/2/3
    Exceptions to this rule apply to iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G. They only require SHSH for firmware 4.0 and up. For lower than this putting the iphone in dfu and restoring should suffice. Also there are ways around it if you have a iPhone 3G jailbroken by redsn0w/pwnage tool/sn0wbreeze then they can be restored to a custom 4.0 firmware without the need for SHSH.

    Again a more in depth guide about How to downgrade/upgrade is detailed here:
    Apple, iPhone & iPad Forums | ModMyi.com

    A guide to see if you can jailbreak or not can be found here: http://modmyi.com/forums/general/729...breakable.html
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    Another good post
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    2010-09-22 02:15 AM
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    Nice work!
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    I'm just jealous because you have the time to do such nice write-ups.
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    Hope some of the newcomers will read this... The "what are SHSHs" question was very high in numbers a couple weeks ago.
    2010-09-22 06:09 AM
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    You could mail this to them upon their signing up for MMI...the question will be asked anyway.
    2010-09-22 09:32 AM
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    hello, Im sorry maybe someone already answered this but Im new here. Ive tryed to use the solution posted by saurik to fix the 3194 error message but the problem is this: when i go to windows/system32/drivers/etc/host there is no host file, only one that is lmhost.sam. I didnt know if it was the same thing but I tryed to add gs.apple.com at the end of text as saurik instructed but still the same 3194 error. Im running iTunes, an iphone 4.0 trying to restore to 4.0.1 and I have a Windows 7 dell inspiron 1420.

    Any help I would apreciate a lot. thanks in advanced
    2011-01-23 08:56 PM
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    Do you have 4.0.1 shsh? Also why are you trying to restore to 4.0.1? There is no difference between that and 4.0.
    2011-01-23 09:00 PM
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    well, i think i do, i mean when i installed cydia and it had the message make my life easier i did it. I thought that saved my shsh, also it shows at the top of cydia home page in the iphone SHSH: 4.0,4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.2.1 en green letters.

    also I didnt know that it was the same, Im trying to redo the hole jailbreak process because I cant install any package in cydia and it sometimes it reboots.

    Thanks a lot for your reply
    2011-01-23 09:51 PM
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    Try using tiny umbrella to save your SHSH. Then start the TSS server and try the restore again.
    2011-01-23 09:55 PM
  12. xavimangels's Avatar
    ok Ill try to that and tell you how it went, thenks
    2011-01-23 10:10 PM
  13. Simon's Avatar
    No prob, there is a sticky in this section on how to use tiny umbrella if you wanted to check it out.
    2011-01-23 10:16 PM
  14. xavimangels's Avatar
    No prob, there is a sticky in this section on how to use tiny umbrella if you wanted to check it out.
    hey, i followed the instructions on (how-to)using tiny umbrella and when y ran it it poped up this message:
    Cannot Start TSS Service
    C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/hosts is not writable!

    Do you think I should try in another computer???
    2011-01-23 11:50 PM
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    Try running tiny umbrella as administrator.
    2011-01-24 12:10 AM
  16. xavimangels's Avatar
    yeah I already did that, I donto know if it has something to do with it, but there is no hosts file in my computer, theres only lmhosts
    2011-01-24 12:59 AM
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    There should be a hosts file on your computer. Try this if yours is missing it: What To Do If Your Hosts File is Missing: How To Restore the Hosts File

    After you get it there try tiny umbrella again.
    2011-01-24 01:01 AM
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    ok Im on it, listen Ill be back in i while, I have to go to work. But thanks so far, Ill tell you how it went.
    see ya
    2011-01-24 01:15 AM
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    2011-01-24 01:18 AM
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    Also you will have to create a new tile named, TileWithBadge.png for non-retina, and
    2011-02-21 07:02 PM
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