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    Ok so ive done alot of research on this but havnt really found a result. I found mobile substrate version 0.9.3228-1 (or later it says) to fix the issue. However i cant find mobile substrate in mt packages? I have sbsettings and winterboard installed. When i search cydia for "substrate" i get one random result from one random repo and even that wont install because files are in use. So basicly, where can i get mobile substrate. The default cydia repos dont return anything. Also, say i was to install the above version of substrate, and i did actually have a later version of substrTe installed, would this cause problems. Im guessing ot would

    Please help me with this because i want to be able to use skype with minimizing etc but also dont want to break my jailbreak as it would take a long time to get it back to its current state

    Thanks in advance

    I have iphone 4 running 4.1
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    2010-09-22 09:25 AM
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    Have you checked your mobile substrate version in cydia? You have to use developer mode to see it. It should be the latest version
    2010-09-22 12:08 PM
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    Version is 0.8.3228-1 but skype still has issues. Cant minimize for example

    Please help me
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    2010-09-23 01:44 AM
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    Anyone? Is there a fix to this?
    2010-09-25 07:37 AM
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    If there aren't different MS versions for the 3GS and the i4, then you're not using the newest one. The MS version on my 3GS is 0.9.3228-1

    If you want a link to it, you can find it here: http://apt.saurik.com/cydia/debs/mob...honeos-arm.deb
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    2010-09-25 06:53 PM
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    So is this skype problem solved with this version?
    2010-09-28 02:20 AM
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