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    Okay, I have a problem that no one can seem to answer, so I figured modmyi can answer it.

    I saw that sn0breeze 2.0 (and 2.0.1) came out, so I followed the instructions to jailbreak my 3Gs new bootrom. I downgraded my phone to version 3.1.2 and kept it un-jailbroken. When building the sn0wbreeze restore, I went through expert mode and selected the iBooty checkbox (which was said to be done). When I go to install it then, it keeps saying "preparing files for restore". It will then fail with the error 1604. I've tried doing it with the phone in recovery, out of recovery, shift+click restore, shift+click update. I also tried running it through tiny umbrella hoping that that would help, with no success.

    Can anyone tell me what/if I'm doing anything wrong? Or is there something else that I should know about the new bootrom 3Gs and sn0wbreeze together? Thanks to all that can help!
    2010-09-24 08:41 AM