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    I jailbroke my wife's iPhone 4 using Jailbreakme.com and have mine jailbroken as well without any problems. Her's though is constantly going in and out of service. It's not from the "Death Grip" it will just be sitting there and go from full service to none and then 30 seconds later have full service again. I was looking through her packages and saw that somehow YellowSn0w or whatever the unlock program is installed on her phone so I deleted it and it seemed to have fixed it but now it is doing the same thing again a few days after? I would love for some help and can give more details if need. Thanks guys

    The picture below is what my settings look like...the little Carrier setting keeps showing up then it disappears, really weird.
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    2010-09-24 11:08 PM
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    what firmware are you on?
    2010-09-24 11:27 PM
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    firmware 4.0
    2010-09-24 11:28 PM
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    and your phone is also on 4.0? also the phone was not jailbroken it worked no problem?
    2010-09-24 11:30 PM
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    what do you mean by also on 4.0? My phone is on iOS 4.0 and correct it worked properly the weeks leading up to the jailbreak. It even worked a couple months after I jailbroke it but now in the last couple weeks it has been going in and out of service
    2010-09-24 11:32 PM
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    well currently there has been firmware 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1 and 4.2(developers only) so need to make sure everything is the same so as not to troubleshoot the wrong firmware.

    Also it could be a network issue. I had issues where it would in certain locations drop 3G data to Edge and back within seconds. It was like that for a few weeks, then suddenly it stopped doing it.

    Just remembered, also try resetting network settings in the system icon.
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    It's not switching from 3g to edge though it's going full 3g to nothing then back to full 3g

    resetting network settings didn't seem to work this is so strange

    Any other solutions?? I am dreading restoring it using Tiny Umbrella and installing everything again haha
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    2010-09-25 12:02 AM
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    I would wait a few weeks to be sure and see what happens.
    2010-09-25 12:13 AM
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    haha I wish I could man but she can't even get calls with it doing this I have to do something about it today unfortunately. Does your phone have that setting in the settings? Mine doesn't and I just need to know how it got there so I can make it go away. It is just trying to change carriers every minute for some reason...
    2010-09-25 12:22 AM
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    You mean carrier settings? mine has it, also go into it and let it load then pick a specific carrier and see what happens.
    2010-09-25 12:27 AM
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    here's what happens: I click on Carrier, if I can catch it in time because it shows up then disappears over and over haha and it says Automatic is checked then after a few seconds ATT will pop up sometimes, not every time, and it will think for a minute then ATT will disappear leaving me with Automatic only.

    Are you unlocked? My iPhone 4 jailbroken on iOS 4.0 doesn't show the carrier button in settings like hers

    wow, I may have fixed it...Even though we are on ATT I went ahead and installed Ultrasn0w on hers so now the carrier setting is permanently there and it isn't constantly searching for another carrier. Think I fixed it!! YAY!!
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    Good for you, it is strange though. Must be a bug on 4.0, cause mine is on 4.0.1 and I do have the carrier setting there and so should yours.

    anyways enjoy
    2010-09-25 12:42 AM