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    Hi. Yesterday, I discovered that one of my programs hasn't been upgrading because it needs firmware 3.13 or higher. I also tried to install GV Mobile +, but failed because it requires 3.13 or higher. I'm currently on 3.12 and figure I have the old bootrom since I had no problems installing blackra1n to get an untethered jailbreak. Now I'm left with a decision point to make. Do I:

    1) Install 3.13 and jailbreak with Spirit knowing that future jailbreaks may be more difficult (needing to downgrade and then upgrade) or

    2) Install 4.01 and jailbreak with Jailbreakme with the fear that some of the problems with 4.01 and 3GS may occur (I don't want a slower device or frying my wifi) or

    3) Wait for 4.1 to get a jailbreak (I haven't read too many problems with 4.1 and 3GS).

    My purpose for jailbreaking is mostly functional. I use it mainly for functional purposes such as SBSettings, CategoriesSB, Iconoclasm, Infinidock, and Backgrounder. I'm not too keen on the folder system on 4.0x or it's "multitasking" feature. I have hundreds of apps on the iPhone (mostly games) which I realize has slowed some function on my phone. I was quite happy with 3.12 until I realize the extent of some of my software limitations. I have some experience in restoring my phone which is a bear considering my huge app library.

    Which upgrading firmware is best (and easiest) that will result in the fewest number of problems? I realize that the problems listed with upgrading are skewed on forums because most people would post if they have a problem and not when things are going swimmingly. Are the majority of people upgrading firmware successful without issues? Does anyone have experience with upgrading while having a few hundred apps installed? Are there special considerations for upgrading to 3.13 or 4.01 since they are not the current firmware (ie. using umbrella)?

    Sorry for the number of questions, but I'm fearful of bricking my phone. Thanks for any help.
    2010-09-26 06:39 PM
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    I too have an old bootrom (actually 2 including the wifes) 3Gs that was JB using Blackra1n. I went with Sn0wbreeze (v1.7) to JB to 4.0 and stayed there. I can't see any advantages at the moment to going to 4.0.1 or higher. I may try 4.1 when a good JB comes out for it.

    This worked great on both of my phones and I went the next step to UL using ultrasn0w. The basebands on both phones are 05.11.07. The JB is very stable with no crashes or lockups or other issues.
    2010-09-26 06:54 PM
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    You can use sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 to create a custom 4.1 and upgrade to that.
    2010-09-26 06:55 PM
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    Thanks for the replies. Do you have many apps on your phone? I'm just wondering if my large app library will muck up the upgrade. I'm afraid I don't know what my baseband is or my bootrom. I purchased the phone in October of 2009. Another question I had: Is it better to restore the phone to original state then upgrade or does it not make any difference since you are installing a new firmware? If it doesn't make any difference, should one restore the apps one by one or use iTunes to restore all the apps?
    2010-09-26 08:22 PM
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    I don't have too many apps (~30) on my phone compared to most I think.
    The baseband can be found in Settings->General->About and it is called "Modem Firmware". Apple sometimes updates this with a new ios update and then you may not be able to unlock it. I'm not sure how far ultrasn0w can unlock, but I know it has problems with the baseband on 4.1. When you "cook" a custom firmware using sn0wbreeze, it updates the ios without changing the baseband, therefore preserving the ability to unlock it with ultrasn0w.
    When I did the jb using sn0wbreeze, I first backed everything up by syncing to itunes and then did the jb with sn0w. Then, I would connect to itunes and it would ask if I want to set it up as a new phone or restore from a backup. I have always restored from the backup. There are many different opinions here as to what is best. Some say that you should always build a new phone and maybe that is best if you had a corrupt install when you synced it. The only apps that will not restore are the Cydia apps. You will have to reload those manually.
    2010-09-27 02:57 AM
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    Thanks for the info. Sn0wbreeze 2.02 came out yesterday and I am creating the custom ipsw file. I have had little problems with blackra1n in the past. I really don't need the unlock so I wouldn't be doing ultrasn0w. I'm wondering if Sn0wbreeze has had a good reputation for trouble free jailbreaking. I tried to do a search on it with Google, but it really didn't give me much. Also, what has been the word with 4.1 on the 3GS with respect to stability, speed and wifi? Thanks again.

    Update: I just finished the customization for the ipsw file. Do I need to select Activate phone if I remain on AT&T? Do I need iTunes 10 for this? I have iTunes 9.0. Thanks once more.
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    2010-09-27 06:49 PM
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    If you are staying on ATT, then I don't beleive you need to (H)activate the phone.
    iTunes 9 or 10 should work OK for 4.0 or 4.0.1
    Stay away from 4.1...Chronic Dev Team is working on it using the SHAtter exploit. It is coming soon and you may find a few tools out there, but a brick is in your future if you try now.
    as far as speed, my 3Gs is just fine on 4.0. Most issues are with the 3G upgrading to 4.0.X.
    By the time you read this, most likley you have JB it. Hope it went well. It is never a 100% safe process, but once it completes its generally pretty solid.
    2010-09-28 01:34 AM
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    I have already jailbroken my iPhone three weeks after purchasing it last year. Do you recommend staying away from Sn0wbreeze? I noticed that Sn0wbreeze has a JB for 4.1 and I have compiled my custom firmware for it. I don't have a Mac to use pwntool (is that the one Chronic Dev Team is working on?). My greatest fear is losing cell signal (already bad) and wifi. I'm debating the merits of moving up to 3.1.3 rather than 4.1 or 4.0.x. What do you think?

    I read an article about the benefits to upgrading to iOS4. Most of those benefits seem to be muted by my jailbreak. I have multitasking without the annoying multitasking bar seen in iOS4. I have folders without the 12 app limitation. I have wallpapers with Bosspaper. I have a rotation lock via SBSettings. What I would miss are the unified mailbox, being able to ask the time via Bluetooth, and some app updates. Are there any performance enhancements?
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    2010-09-28 06:27 PM