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    I found this online but dont have enough experience to know how to do all the steps. I would like to try it though because trying to install an app from cydia only to find that you have to completely restore your phone and jailbreak it, etc, all over again is probably the single sh!yst thing about the iphone after apples plastic-bag-over the-face policies.

    Can someone who knows whats up look this over and tell me how to do it ( specifically steps 5 and 6)

    What software will i need to "ssh to iphone"? And how is it done?

    By the way I am on a mac.

    This was posted by someone on macrumors. (The original post is here [ame=http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=554412]SOLUTION to iPhone "freeze" after installing apps - Mac Forums[/ame])

    I have posted in the recent past about spending many, many hours restoring my phone because it would "freeze" when installing an app and would get stuck at the Apple logo upon restart. It has been so frustrating that despite my love of Cydia I had almost given up on using it.

    Anyway, after scouring the web I found a tip that worked for me. I would post the link to the location where I found the tip but not sure of the policy of linking to the site...so here are the steps copied and pasted below:

    1. turn ipod or iphone off
    2. connect cable
    3. turn on ipod iphone
    4. listen for ding dong (window) or what ever the mac sound is
    5. ssh to your ipod iphone
    6. goto /var/mobile/
    7. rename Applications to Applications2
    8. wait 5 second and your springboard will pop up
    9. now rename Applications back and restart

    Now, this didn't work precisely for me. Step 8 didn't actually happen and I had to restart. Also after renaming the Applications folder to Applications2 the "base icons" that appear on the dock where gone. However, after a sync (which only took a few minutes since all the apps are really still there) and a restart my iPhone was back to working condition. I just had to arrange my icons back to their original locations. The whole process didn't take long at all. I wasn't timing it, but it had to be less than 10 minutes.

    So what would have taken me several hours in the past...restore, install my apps, install my music, set up my email accounts, etc. took just a few minutes.

    Please note all my "freezes" happened after installing Cydia apps up until the last time when I tried this tip. My phone froze and was stuck on the Apple logo after installing an app from the store app.

    In any event I hope this helps someone else save a LOT of time as it did me.


    EDIT: The reason it didn't work precisely for me as described is I messed up and didn't follow the directions to the letter. If you follow the directions correctly the above should work fine (i.e. - Step 8 will occur).

    Thanks all
    2010-09-30 03:56 PM