1. psychosinks's Avatar
    My current OS is 4.1. that wht i mistakenly did. now my phone is locked and wid unsupported SIM. nothing i can do. i'm from bangladesh. my prevous OS is 4.0.2 and dat was unlocked and jailbroken.
    if i perform 'erase content and settings' on iphone what will happen then? will it delete my current firmware, baseband? after deleting that may i able to restore to 4.0.2 or any other iOS? what will happen in os and base band. will i be able to jailbreak older os?
    Plz some one let me know.

    thank you.
    2010-10-02 07:31 PM
  2. Waleed786's Avatar
    U can't downgrade a baseband, the phone will not be unlockable for a few months now, u might as well get another iPhone and sell this one. Btw, hilsha Maas khabo?
    2010-10-02 07:40 PM