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    Ok guys I am a newbie to all the iphone stuff. But I am also one to try new things in order to save some cash. Especially these days.

    SO my problem is this.....

    I bought my iphone off ebay and the guy had ios 4.0 in it with firmware 5.12.01 if i am not mistaken. Well the phone was just toooo slow sometimes and would freeze when trying to open apps. So I got on here and figured out how to downgrade to a 3.1.3 which went well.

    The only problem was that when i connected the phone to itunes it said "version too old to restore" so I started searching again and I eventually did a Master Reset....BAD IDEA!!!

    Now the phone wont start it stays stuck at the apple with the loading circle. After about 10 minutes of being stuck the process starts over again and again and again.

    Ive tried DFU mode but will not go into that mode. itunes will not recognize it. I tried letting the battery die all the way and connecting it but still no luck. Now I dont know what to do!!!!
    Please help me.

    Sorry for making this so long but I thought it would help to put everything out there. Thanks again.

    Any help will be appreciated guys and gals. Ive been on here for the past 2 hours to try and get this fixed. But I either dont understand how or I just can get the phone to go into DFU mode.

    Bump for help!
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    2010-10-03 09:55 PM
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    Turn off your iPhone , you can do a hard reset : hold both buttons until it turns off. Then while holding the Home button, plug in your iPhone until iTunes cable logo comes on and do the restore again
    2010-10-03 10:19 PM
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    My phone is off. Its been off since yesterday and is try to turn on again but it gets stuck on the apple with the circle loading thingy. It also wont go into DFU mode at all. Ive been pushing both buttons then release the top one and hold the home button but it still wont work.

    Any other ideas?
    2010-10-03 10:49 PM
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    What happens when you do the hard reset, does it go off and back to apple logo.?

    Once it is off, presss the home button and then plug it in , until the cable logo comes on, does it not do that ?
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    Once its off Ive tried holding the home button and then plugging it in to my comp but all it does is turn back on and back to the apple screen. Itunes doesnt recognize it or anything not even my computer picks it up.

    Its like its trying to turn on again but gets stuck and starts the process over again.
    2010-10-03 11:03 PM
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    I am sure you can still trigger it into Recovery mode. Why don't you put it in DFU mode,this is what you do :
    Plug iphone into pc
    Hold both Power and Home button for 10 secs
    Now release the power button and keep holding the home button for approx 10 sec until you hear Itunes beeping, immediately let go the home button, the screen should be all black and you can do a restore again.
    2010-10-03 11:10 PM
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    YES YES YES!!! it got it!!! Now the only problem is that I have to update it and all to the latest firmware. I did save all my stuff on iTunes before this though. Is this the only way it will work? I really dont want to do this because i have Tmobile and im pretty sure i wont be able to unlock it again until the new realses comes out.

    What can I do?
    2010-10-03 11:19 PM
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    No, you don't have to, Do the Shift + restore to 3.1.3 , you can downgrade to that first, error 1015 will pop up, use kick out of recovery from Tiny umbrella to get it out into Emergency Screen. Jailbreak with Redsn0w 0.9.4 and point to 3.1.2 ipsw.
    Now you can use Snowbreeze 2.0.2 to create a custom firmware of 4.1 to be restored too.

    You can download your firmware from here :
    iClarified - iPhone - Where To Download iPhone Firmware Files From
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    YEA i have that file already. I just didnt know I could do that. I will try that first. Then I will do the Jailbreakme.com? What do you think about that website? And will I need a ATT sim card to get into my phone again? Or what other method can I take.

    Sorry for all these old questions but im new to the iphone. Thanks again.
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    No, at 3.1.3 from emergency screen , use redsn0w 0.9.4 will hactivate, jailbreak for you. You can then install Ultrasn0w to unlock again.
    2010-10-03 11:35 PM
  11. iBeast24/7's Avatar
    How do I get REDsnow and how is it applied? I know this is like kindergarten questions for you but you dont know how much i appreciate it. Some guy was charging me 35 dollars to fix it for me.
    2010-10-03 11:42 PM
  12. iYeow's Avatar
    Google search and is very easy to use, once you follow the instruction to turn off the phone, it will do everything for you.

    You will need 3.1.2 ipsw too when running Redsn0w 0.9.4.
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    im downloading redsnow and 3.1.2 as well. Will redsnow ask me for the 3.1.2 at some point?
    2010-10-04 12:05 AM
  14. iYeow's Avatar
    Yes, browse to 3.1.2, if you browse to 3.1.3, redsn0w won't recognize
    2010-10-04 12:11 AM
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    Ok im kinda stuck now. My phone is on the connnect to itunes screen. What do I do now? I already installed the 3.1.3 and i am stuck.
    2010-10-04 12:14 AM
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    Close itunes and run redsnow to jailbreak.
    2010-10-04 12:20 AM
  17. iBeast24/7's Avatar
    OK all is well now. but my last question is...Do i Reload springboard.
    2010-10-04 12:56 AM
  18. iYeow's Avatar
    Don't understand , reload springboard ?
    2010-10-04 12:57 AM
  19. iBeast24/7's Avatar
    At the end after unlocking with ultrasnow. At the bottom it says RELOAD SPRINGBOARD should i tap on it or just get out all together?
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    2010-10-04 01:02 AM
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    Did you let Cydia updates first, don't worry, this ultrasn0w is not going to screw up, I think you have the fear bricked Syndrome..LOL
    2010-10-04 01:04 AM
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