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    Well as much as iwanted to wait for poisonx wanted to jb my iphone 4 i recently bought pretty badly.. will obviously re-jailbreak with poisonx's tool greenpoison but for now geohots the option. When i open pictures in my library and slide my finger to look at a different one.. poof back to home screen. Sometimes when im sending and typing a sms.. it crashed out on me and poof home screen.. when i slide my finger to goto the built-in search.. poof safe mode.. same with a few other things.. just wondering if anyone is experiencing this as well? was thinking of reloading 4.1 on there( it came with 4.1) and re-jailbreaking.. What do you think? ive never seen the safemode screen this much.. i tried to put on the nexus one wallpaper and got no love.. it made my phone crash constantly. same with trying to apply a theme as well. im not crying dont get me wrong i made the choice to jailbreak. just wondering if anyone knows of a fix or is experiencing similar problems.. because if not ill reload 4.1 and re-jailbreak as i stated :P Thanks!

    figured id touch base with this post.. anyone experiencing these issues. restore your iphone 4 to 4.1 fresh as if you just got it. use beta 4.. as i was using beta 2 of limera1n and the issues so far are fixed. ill continue testing and will post though

    next update: as i started reinstalling my repos back on and installing apps.. the problem eventually came back which is leading me to think its an application.. tho i uninstalled all apps.. the issue remained.. im going to be cautious and find out which app exactly is causing this issue sit tight. restoring :]
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