1. slambo's Avatar
    First of all, big props to the dev team for bringing us limera1n, it's been annoying not having a JB phone ever since I got the iphone 4. That being said, I really miss my better tap to unlock. I've installed it, re-installed it, turned it off and on and on and off, etc, even tried A Nicer Tap to Unlock, no dice. All I get is a white slider, something changes as the slider looks different, but I still have to slide and I don't get the tap option. Yes, the mod is at the top of the list in Winterboard.

    2010-10-11 08:03 AM
  2. slambo's Avatar
    Bump for answers.
    2010-10-15 10:08 AM
  3. iamjamieq's Avatar
    I have yet to find a tap to unlock theme that is compatible with iOS 4.1. If you do happen to find one, please let me know. I hate sliding to unlock. What a waste of time and effort (yes, I am that lazy).
    2010-10-22 02:46 PM
  4. TimSS's Avatar
    I use 'iPhone 4 tap' with no problems.
    2010-10-23 02:21 AM