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    I really want to jailbreak my phone but after reading about 3 zillion pages on jailbreaking I'm confused. Basically I just want to know the steps to take for jailbreaking, for example, do I need to do anything with my phone before jailbreaking such as backing up the phone in itunes. What happens if the jailbreak fails? Is my phone fecked or can I restore it to offical firmaware? If so, how? Should I be upgrading to 4.1 or can I stay on 4.0.2 and JB? I may want to unlock when my contract is up in about a years time. When I jailbreak, what happens to all the suff on my phone (photos,music,apps)? Will I need to install all that stuff again? I understand that these questions have probably been asked a thousand times and I'm sorry about that. Hope someone can help a first time jailbreaker out here.

    2010-10-12 05:31 PM
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    No one can help you if you don't specify what iPhone model you are trying to upgrade.
    2010-10-12 05:59 PM
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    iPhone 3GS 4.0.2

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    2010-10-12 08:42 PM
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    iPhone 3GS 4.0.2


    Yep, if you back up everything on your itunes you can sync it all back again if something fails. It is very very very unlikely that it will fail with this new jailbreak called greenpois0n, i would suggest using it.

    Yes, concerning the unlock, a exploit will have been found for 4.1 by that time, probably loads more versions will have been exploited.

    I would go for it. Back up and update to 4.1 on iTunes, then jailbreak using greenpoison.
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    2010-10-12 08:50 PM
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    Thanks xFreestyle, much appreciated!
    2010-10-12 09:00 PM