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    As of October 12, Movistar (other carriers selling iPhones as well) is blocking data access to iPhones not sold by them. I was told by a customer rep, after 4 or 5 times of going to them to complaint, but I noticed it since they started to offer iPhone4 units.

    They call our units "not homologado" (signed?)

    I started having issues weeks ago, but definitely, since they started having iPhone4 in their systems for customer support and sale, internet went down.

    How do they KNOW my unit is US from the connection? (other than "I gave them the IMEI")
    Will it fix it giving them an argentinian IMEI? (you have to "hand it", so I'll need a friend's iPhone)

    Is there extra files in an iPhone sold down here?
    Is it just matter of getting a different signature? (when jailbreaking)
    Will an IMEI unlock code (US$ 49) make it work?
    Are they "seeing" I have an iPhone by the "Safari" browser?

    I've put my friend's SIM in my phone, and it worked right away. Mine gave his a "no cellular data network found" simptom. Same as mine, so the problem is in the Plan.

    I gave up the data plan, no refunds (the salesman told me I was getting an "iPhone" plan, but he didn't registered the device, because he knew it wouldn't work, but now it's my fault and 2 months of billing for 20% of poor service given is due, no discounts for "greedy salesman".

    Email works, though, Gmail and POP. No maps, no safari. Pages cached load anyway, even after cache is cleared .
    I can't reach web pages by IP.

    I installed "IPconfig" from the app store, and it shows an IP, and everything fine, except a MAC Address of 00:00:00:00:00:07 (not gotten right from the hardware?) and "Broadcast Address" is "Unknown".
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