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    I have JB about 15 i4s over this last week and about half turned out ok. I have been JBing phones since os2 (well over 100 phone/pods) and this is by far the worst JB I have ever experienced. Aside from the wifi and mms problems, four of the phones have a problem were videos won't play and the ringer has no sound when a call comes in. If you reboot they both work for a few mins then go right back to not working again. I have even tried restoring and just JBing and not installing anything from cydia but still get the same result. Anyone else experiencing this?
    2010-10-14 03:34 PM
  2. efi2nr's Avatar
    2010-10-17 02:22 AM
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    Im not experiencing this but im having trouble with mms not working.. Are you having that problem?
    2010-10-17 02:41 AM
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    It might help to tell us what OS you're on and what jailbreak you're using. There are now 2 jailbreaks for win and OSX. Never restore from
    A backup in iTunes also.. Always set up as new when having issues.

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    2010-10-17 02:43 AM