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    Finally LimeRa1n works with Mac, I have the IPSW downloaded but before I upgrade to 4.1 and jailbreak I got some questions:

    1.Do you need iTunes 10 to update to 4.1? Cause I remember I had iTunes 8 and I couldn't upgrade to 4.0 unless I had iTunes 9....

    2.Is there any problems with it? Also cuz im gonna trade my 3GS for an iPhone 4 with my dad so I don't want to mess it up and get stuck with a 3GS..
    I'm probably gonna jailbreak iPhone 4 if I get it.

    3.What is this people are talking about the BaseBand? Why does it matter if you have a new one?

    4.I have my SHSH saved on Cydia for 3.1.3, 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.1 So if nothing worked out how do I use my SHSH's?
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    2010-10-15 07:24 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    The baseband determines if you can unlock or not. It seems like you don't need to unlock, so to answer your questions:

    1) yes iTunes will probably prompt you to upgrade (which is fine)
    2) there were bugs with limera1n but it's fine now. You could try greenpois0n if youd like, both use the same exploit and both work fine. If bugs exist, just restore and redo it.
    3) already answered the baseband question above

    If anything goes wrong and you'd like to downgrade with your SHSHs, simply run TinyUmbrella (the TSS server) then do shift+restore to a stock fw you want to restore to. That's it for using your SHSHs.
    2010-10-15 07:37 AM
  3. robben10's Avatar
    But greenposi0n is not for Mac yet :/

    Oh but also I saved my SHSH's with CYDIA will it still work with tinyumbrella?
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    2010-10-15 03:34 PM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yes TinyUmbrella just saves SHSHs to Cydia's server. If you've already got them thru Cydia, its the same thing it will work.

    Use Limera1n then if GP hasn't released a Mac version.
    2010-10-15 08:32 PM