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    I do not think it is banned in Syria cuz I was reading an article and a guy said that it worked in syria for him

    Whenever I go to Settings > Phone > enable Facetime it keeps saying waiting for authorization and stays like that, could it be from my country or carrier?
    I live in Syria and use MTN carrier

    But my friend he has iPhone 4 he bought it from Syria, but the phones are from Emirates or Saudia Arabia or somewhere from there (Because they don't sell them in Syria directly they need to get it from the closest place which is UAE), so he doesn't have that ENABLE FACETIME option since Saudi Arabia removed that option, so mine should work since its from Canada and Facetime is allowed right?
    Please tell me how it works for you guys in the U.S and places where you use Facetime, because this is 65% of the phone's features for me.
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    2010-10-20 08:45 PM