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    So a friend of mine in my second period gave me his old iPhone 3G, telling me it didn't work and I could have it to do whatever with, maybe I could get it working. Well he told me it suffered a great deal of water damage... (in his pocket in a pool for about five minutes... x.x) so obviously it's acting really strange. Well, for starters, if you plug it in, it WILL power on.. first it gives the "I'm dead and I'm charging" battery screen, then goes to an apple logo. But it won't go past the apple logo after about 20 seconds, and then it just dies and fades away.. If you were to try to turn it on again nothing would happen. Wait about another 5 hours or so, and you could repeat the process. So basically I only have one shot to do something and if I mess up I have to wait a while. So I managed to get it into recovery mode, and stay there. So I tried OS4, and it gave me the error 3194, and I tried an older 3.2.1 prejailbroken firmware which gave me error 20. So my question is, should I just stop wasting my time, or might there actually be some hope for this thing?
    EPIK PHAIL!!!!

    2010-10-22 01:59 PM