1. highboi's Avatar
    ok, like the title says...i wanna buy a iPhone but i want to know if the one on the market are still jailbreakable or did they fix them already. if u asnwer based on ur iphone canu please post the date when u bought it so i can have something to calm my mind
    thanks =D
    2010-10-23 05:43 AM
  2. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    still jailbreakable no patch yet and wont be for a while.. not until a refresh of the iphone 4 releases like they did with the 3g and 3gs
    2010-10-23 05:44 AM
  3. highboi's Avatar
    thanks for the quick reply, do u have any idea how long that will be like next few months, next year or an estimate?
    2010-10-23 05:45 AM
  4. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    not really a know for sure thing right now but im guesstimating at least january
    2010-10-23 05:46 AM
  5. highboi's Avatar
    ok i just bought the iphone online, one more thing i wanna know is...if i jailbreak it and im on a att plan. will it be required to be "unlock" for me to use the phone feature or is that only if i plan on using another service for ex, T-Mobile. and is the iphone unlockable if it is required for me to unlock it to use my att plan
    2010-10-23 06:33 AM
  6. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    Nope you dont need the unlock unless using another carrier
    2010-10-23 06:35 AM
  7. highboi's Avatar
    anyone ever told u ur awesome?! cuz u are!!
    thanks for all ur help man
    2010-10-23 06:38 AM
  8. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    anyone ever told u ur awesome?! cuz u are!!
    thanks for all ur help man
    You are welcome bro and only my girl tells me im awesome
    2010-10-23 06:45 AM