1. crazy_07uk2003's Avatar
    Hi i want to upgrade my software on my iphone 3g, i am not sure to do this because, the pc with i sync my iphone with does not work anymore and if i sync the iphone with another machine i will lose all the data that i hold on my iphone, is there anyway i can upgrade the software and keep my data on the iphone?

    i think i may be able to get my pc working, if i upgrade the software using the pc i would need to reboot the pc to sort the problem out with my pc, currently i am using itunes 9, i cannot find a link for it, if i reboot the machine will i lose the data i have on the machine when i download itunes 10?

    many thanks
    2010-10-27 09:34 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    If you do a shift + update, then your data will be intact, your iphone will be unjailbroken.
    2010-10-28 06:10 AM