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    UPDATE 3/24/12

    Here are some links to help get you started with whatever you're venturing to do. With the new additions to guides here on MMi, my services are no longer needed in this department. (Whew)

    -5.1 Jailbreaks currently available for all eligible devices (3GS, 4) are all tethered except OLD BOOT 3GS. Also, A5 (iP4S) devices currently cannot utilize SHSHs even if they are saved, nor can they be jailbroken on 5.1 at the moment.

    Note 2:
    -Upgrading/downgrading/restoring to 5.0/1 requires stitching available SHSHs then creating a signed custom firmware to restore to, this does not require TinyUmbrella. If you do not stitch the SHSHs and attempt to restore with TU alone, you'll likely error out in iTunes.

    For the super newbies who are not familiar with jailbreak terminology that may help in many or all processes desired to venire upon:

    Some newbies might not be fully aware of how to properly back up an already jailbroken device (or not jailbroken even) so here's a detailed overview of how for most data on the iDevice:

    Here's how to use TinyUmbrella to do the upgrade/downgrade process via either stock or custom fw for iOS 4 (iOS 5.0/1 requires stitching where this is not needed):


    You can find all the guides you need to jailbreak your particular device here:

    You can find stock firmwares to restore/upgrade with here:

    You can find the latest versions of Redsn0w here:

    You can find the latest version of Absinthe here:

    You can find the latest versions of Sn0wbreeze and iFaith here:

    You can get TinyUmbrella here:
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    2010-11-18 05:16 AM
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    Wow! Good job, I don't have to answer anymore questions now.
    2010-11-18 05:25 AM
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    Thanks. Unfortunately you'll still have to answer questions you know how it is, there will ALWAYS be questions to answers...
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    creating/using custom firmwares is only for preserving baseband correct? any apps I have from Cydia will have to be reinstalled? Also, if I don't see 3.x.x listed at the top of Cydia (I see 4.0+) does that mean I won't be able to go back to 3.x.x if 4.x doesn't work for me?
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    creating/using custom firmwares is only for preserving baseband correct? any apps I have from Cydia will have to be reinstalled? Also, if I don't see 3.x.x listed at the top of Cydia (I see 4.0+) does that mean I won't be able to go back to 3.x.x if 4.x doesn't work for me?
    On a 3G you can go to 3.1.x firmwares without SHSH.
    2010-11-18 06:44 AM
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    If you take a look at the prerequisite basics, you'll see how to back up your Cydia apps.
    2010-11-18 07:03 AM
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    Wow, PL. Wonderful guide. Thanks a lot.
    2010-11-18 07:15 AM
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    Thanks Cer0, much appreciated

    Bump, for the newbies
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    Sticky for top list.

    Although most people skip the stickies.
    2010-11-19 02:56 AM
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    Lol true. That or the questions come piling in. Got a few pages worth of them on the other guide. Hopefully this one will answer more questions. Thx for the sticky.
    2010-11-19 03:11 AM
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    Nice re-do kiddo, you have done your homework. Great job.
    smaller sig.png
    2010-11-19 03:14 AM
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    Thank you much!
    2010-11-19 03:25 AM
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    Puma.Leaf...this is an awesome guide.Thanks for your time and effort.

    I have read every word of this.

    One clarification needed...perhaps you could clarify for me.

    In the " iphone 4 downgrade/ to 4.0.x" section you suggest using LimeRa1n to JB, but you don't say anything about unlocking. In the Dev-Team's blog, they specifically say NOT to use LimeRa1n if you are going to use UltraSnow to unlock.

    I'm possibly about to do this downgrade from 4.1 to 4.0.1 and could go either with a AT&T activate or hactivate....but I need the unlock.

    It seems like there are bugs either way. Hactivate has Push issues. I was having phone ringing issues. When I officially activated with an ATT card, I don't have push issues, but now I have "invalid sim" warnings.

    So in reading your words I see that Jailbreakme is the solution for "hactivate" 4.0.1, but LimeRa1n is the solution for official sim activate 4.0.1.

    Does JailBreakMe not work for an official activate and this is why you've suggested LimeRa1n? or are there known problems of chosing one over the other?

    Thanks in advance for your clarification.

    I'm: Tmobile/,IP4,/ 4.1 /BB 1.59.00/ Pwnage Tool/UltraSnow/ Mac - activated with official ATT sim.
    2010-11-21 04:05 PM
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    Jailbreakme doesn't hacktivate. Limera1n does. The iPhone 4 downgrade/restore is only for those who have SHSHs and their phone is acting up or crashed and needs a restore. Once you're on stock 4.1 your baseband is 2.10.04 and cannot be unlocked. Regardless of downgrading firmware versions, you still can't unlock it. You can activate regardless of any jailbreak tool's ability to hacktivate. Hacktivating does cause push and YouTube problems so regardless of if limera1n hacktivates, if an official activation is an option for you it should be done. Limera1n CAN hacktivate but official activation can be done regardless of which jb tool you use.

    If you preserved your baseband, which it looks like you did via PwnageTool, downgrade to 4.0.x is fine. The only option you have to jb is Limera1n or jailbreakme. Jailbreakme is down right now. It also REQUIRES official activation before use, so if you don't have AT&T's SIM, you'll have to hacktivate with Limera1n.

    If you have the AT&T SIM, be sure after the downgrade to activate first before running Limera1n to avoid hacktivating.

    Although, I dont see a reason for you to downgrade as you have an unlocked and jb phone. If you need a restore, use TinyUmbrella's TSS server to preserve the baseband and shift+restore to a stock 4.1 ipsw. Then jailbreak with Limera1n or Greenpois0n. Unlock with Ultrasn0w.
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  15. ShootTheMoon's Avatar
    Yep, I'm considering the downgrade because I've had some issues. I'm all good on the saved blobs, preserved BB, etc...

    Just have never used LimeRa1n, so I wanted to clarify. I've always used the expert mode in Pwnage Tool to cook my own IPSW. I've never had any issues with this until 4.1 came along with the IP4. I've had more than one person tell me that UltraSn0w is the culprit of 4.1 issues. In which case, going back to 4.0.1 and unlocking with US won't do me any good anyway since I'm right back using UltraSn0w for the unlock. says on the Dev Team site not to use the combo of LimeRa1n + UltraSn0w. This is why I was asking. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for your advice. Your hard work is appreciated. :-)
    2010-11-21 05:47 PM
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    Considering you can't jb with anything but Limera1n since jailbreakme is down on 4.0 or 4.0.1, you might consider just doing the shift+restore to the stock 4.1 ipsw with TinyUmbrella to preserve the baseband. Then use Greenpois0n instead of Limera1n. Not sure if the devs said anything about Ultrasn0w and GP.
    2010-11-21 08:04 PM
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    Holy moly Annie. Now THATS a Guide

    Gonna start reading from the beginning. Will let you know when I am done....
    2010-11-22 05:00 AM
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    Thank you for this post. Just so I don't make a mistake, I'd just like to clarify what I should do here. I just bought a 3GS (new bootrom) with 4.0.2. Should I then upgrade it to 4.1 and use the Pwnagetool 4.1.2 method? Or would it be better to keep it on 4.0.2 for some reason? Also, I'm sticking with AT&T, so I'm just wondering what exactly will happen after I jailbreak the phone - do I have to go through the activation process with AT&T again? You mentioned activating with my SIM in iTunes but I didn't do that before so I'm not sure what you mean. Thanks, and sorry for being a newb.
    2010-11-23 04:40 AM
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    If you're on AT&T you don't need to unlock right? So just upgrade and follow the no unlock method which is to upgrade in iTunes and jb with Limera1n or Greenpois0n. Activate with your AT&T SIM in iTunes (put SIM in and open iTunes and it should just activate) then run the jailbreak.

    Edit: you can stay on 4.0.2 and jb with Limera1n if you want. 4.1 just has a few added features like GameCenter. Just be sure to activate before jailbreaking if you're with AT&T. if you have access to your springboard right now on 4.0.2 and not jailbroken, you're already activated. So you can just run GP or LR.
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    2010-11-23 04:59 AM
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    Just make sure you don't "accidentally" go to 4.2.1, apple will still be signing 4.1 so download the stock firmware and shift restore.
    2010-11-23 05:07 AM
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