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    Ok so I'm having a issue with ifunbox...Its saying my phone is jailed when is it jailbroken. I've followed peoples instructions on here, youtube and other sits and nothing has worked.

    I've installed afc2add through Cydia and I'm running OpenSSH. What else can I do? Should I re-jailbreak?

    I only use ifunbox to add my own made themes to my phone. Is there any other programs I can use?

    I am newish to all this jailbreak stuff and easily confused lol SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!

    2010-11-19 03:50 PM
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    2010-11-19 03:51 PM
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    Merging threads. You can also try winscp to see if that works.
    2010-11-19 04:36 PM
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    Can't connect to winscp... gah its one problem after another.

    Its something with my phone... every file transfer program says its jailed..

    what can I do?
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    2010-11-19 06:46 PM
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    What version of ifunbox and iTunes you using ?
    2010-11-19 06:58 PM