1. keicee's Avatar
    Hi.. my iphone randomly shuts down or restart during a certain apps/games. other games work. other games would shut down my phone or restart. i have tried to restore it. then tried using the same application that make it shutdown. same problem occurs. it shuts down/restart.then when i boot it sometimes im having a trouble booting it because it stucks on apple logo. and i have to put it in DFU mode. and rest it for about a minute then boot it again.
    i dont know what seems to be the problem.

    any help would be deeply appreciated thanks

    Iphone 3gs
    Firmware 4.1
    Jailbreak using limera1n
    not unlocked.
    fix applied- tried restoring it again to 4.1 but having the same problem
    2010-11-27 10:24 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    It may be a hardware issue if it is happening after a restore. Did you set it up as new after the restore?
    2010-11-27 04:11 PM
  3. keicee's Avatar
    Yes i set it up as new. I guess i have to take it to a tech.
    2010-11-28 02:06 PM