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    Hi everybody, I'd like to post my method that I have discovered today. If this is an old/known method then I apologize and the credit will be given to that person but as of now, I, dangit have discovered a solution to bypass that annoying activation screen without having to JB (at least on 3.13)!

    This is for people who rely on a hacktivation to JB their iPhones/iPods. Since JBs work on already activated/hacktivated iPhones, how can we unactivated people enjoy the fruits of JB? Well, this method was discovered by me while downgrading my iPhone 3G from 4.01 to 3.13. Upon booting up my 3.13 for the first time, I ran into the activation screen, which I thought a JB would take care of. I realized that a JB for this was not available (not counting redsn0w,etc.). But I was wrong and Spirit will only JB an already activated iPhone. I needed that activation to do anything at all. Here it is.

    This relies on the emergency call glitch.

    1) On the "connect to iTunes/activation" screen, slide the slider and head into the "emergency call" screen.
    2) Once here, dial a number (ie. 000) and press the green "call" button.
    3) As soon as it starts dialing, press the hold/sleep button (the silver button on top of the device) really fast and let the device go into sleep mode.
    3) If done right, you will be able to get into the home screen, bypassing the activation screen totally.
    4) Now you can set up your Wifi connection and enter Safari and JB with jailbreakme.com! Spirit should work too, but I didn't try that.

    Enjoy your JB! Theoretically this should work on all bypass the activation screen on all firmwares up to 4.2 because this glitch was fixed. But for now, I have found a useful way to exploit this glitch.
    2010-12-07 07:36 AM
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    so the old dial system still works.
    nice good to know.
    i remember back on 1.4 we had to do that to do the original JailBreakMe thing.
    Being an i can be a lot of pressure. you have to live right up to the small point.
    2010-12-07 09:48 PM
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    It should work up until the update that fixed the glitch. It's a blessing for those who need an activation.
    2010-12-08 01:48 AM
  4. dangit's Avatar
    bump for those people that need this!
    2010-12-10 10:11 AM