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    I was using iOS 4.1, performed a successful Jailbreak with Limera1n and was fully functional. I changed my Root and Mobile passwords. Everything fine... until, inexplicably this afternoon my Safari icon and my Camera icon vanished.

    I figured they were just hidden. Checked Poof. Checked SB menu. Safari and Camera were both listed but regardless of any toggle combos, the icons would not reappear. I moved the Safari icon to the SB menu Dock. It appeared there... but would not launch Safari.

    After two hours of fruitless attempts (SSH, various back-ups), I restored to current iOS 4.2

    All modifications are gone. Jailbreak is gone. All SMS tone changes I ftp'd are gone. My data is safe and I am back to vanilla iPhone>>>BUT, Safari is STILL missing. The Camera is STILL missing.

    Wow, any ideas?

    UPDATE 1-5-11: All forum suggestions below did not solve the problem. Read my last post in the thread where we fixed it. (hint: It's the Microsoft Exchange server...)
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    2011-01-04 07:11 AM
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    When you moved your Safari to Sbsetting dock, it will dissappear from the Homescreen. Restoring to stock firmware should make it come back. Did you do update or restore ?
    2011-01-04 07:15 AM
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    Sure did. Still missing.

    And what's wierd is I did not touch any settings in SB or Poof when the icons vanished. They just left. I only accessed the apps in hopes of finding the missing little critters...

    I am now attempting a second restore to the current firmware.......
    2011-01-04 07:18 AM
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    Setup as new. Not restore from backup.
    2011-01-04 07:24 AM
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    Update. One restore, Safari is back and Camera is back. Now when completing my data back-up transfer.....THAT's when I'm losing the icons again
    2011-01-04 07:28 AM
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    If you are losing icons again, then your data backup transfer has the missing icons and you are transferring the problem back to your newly restored iphone.
    2011-01-04 07:33 AM
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    As stated by Cero, you will need to set up as a new phone and not restore from back up. Pain i know but its the only way to get rid of your problem.

    I't always better to set up as a new phone on any jailbreak
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    2011-01-04 02:50 PM
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    Actually, I have found the real cause, and it has nothing to do with my iPhone. Amazingly...

    Get this: My IT department (I'm the CIO of a public school district) received an alert from our Microsoft Exchange server indicating that we did not have sufficient CALs (Client Access Licenses) for mobile phones to connect to the server for email and calendar services. Microsoft wants a fee per connection per year for this. I won't get into why the tech decided to make this global change without consulting me, but the Exchange Server window included a series of check boxes that needed to be unchecked in order to come into compliance (that is, not using the feature beause we didn't have the license). Included in the list were things like Safari, Camera and even wifi.

    Across my school district, personally owned iPhones, iTouches, iPads, and even Macbooks, which connect through our open-access wifi, suddenly lost some or all of these features (differences in behaviors, I suspect, depended on the iOS)! Macbook owners reported losing their wifi entirely. I instructed a change and purchased the new licenses... After reboots nearly everybody's Safari, Camera and Wifi apps returned.

    This issue is weird because it involves counter-intuitive programming from Microsoft. Essentially, we thought we were unchecking boxes in order to deactivate an unlicensed service on the Exchange Server. In fact, we were using the service to deactivate services on remote devices. I documented this at my district blog

    Bottom line: This was caused by a setting in the Microsoft Exchange server and nothing you do on your iPhone will make a difference SO LONG AS you get email/calendar/contacts from the Exchange Server. If your IT department won't comply with a request to restore these services, delete your Exchange account and use something else. Perhaps a forward to Gmail and Google Synch would work around...
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