1. Max power's Avatar
    Well basically I have iOS 4.2.1 on my iPod touch 4g but since there is no jailbreak (untethered) I want to downgrade to iOS 4.0 and use jailbreakme.com - I have no shsh blobs aswell because I bought mi iPod with 4.1
    2011-01-15 04:30 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    There's no way to downgrade without SHSH. Just wait for the untethered to come out if you dont want to use the tethered jailbreak.

    4.0 doesnt exist for iPod touch 4G anyway, they shipped with 4.1.
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    2011-01-15 04:31 PM
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    welcome to MMi, posted this in wrong forum tho I'll move it and get x98car in here to help... he's the best
    2011-01-15 04:31 PM
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    2011-01-15 04:33 PM
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    better and faster then me, I admit it
    2011-01-15 04:34 PM
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    I missed that the thread was in the wrong section though
    2011-01-15 04:35 PM