1. hstraf's Avatar

    I just purchased a "previously jailboroken" iPhone 3gs which has:

    Version: 4.2.1
    Baseband: 05.15.04

    I would like to unlock this phone. I understand the only way to unlock is to upgrade to the "ipad" baseband. (I realize this will cause possible battery issues and GPS to stop working.)

    What I don't understand... are the following questions:

    1. How exactly do I upgade? The phone is already jailbroken. Do I need to "re-jailbreak" it?

    2. What will happen to all the apps currently installed on the phone right now? For example, there are around 50 apps.. both from apple store and from Cydia (and a few from Insallulous).
    If I upgrade... will they all disappear?

    Thanks for your help.. I'm just confused with how to "upgrade" an existing jailbroken phone. I found lots of info on how to jailbreak... but nothing to explain how to upgrade an existing jailbroken phone.

    2011-05-13 07:54 PM
  2. A3gOwner's Avatar
    1) no just get redsnow and choose install iPad baseband only.

    2) shouldn't affect them at all. I'd advise removing the ones from ********** tho. It's piracy like it or not.
    2011-05-13 08:00 PM
  3. hstraf's Avatar
    OK, I appreciate your help very much.

    So basically... as long as I do not upgrade the "iOS" version... then all the apps will not change. Is that correct?

    If so.. is there any way to upgrade from iOS v4.2.1 to a higher version.. but keep all the existing apps? Will even the appstore apps disappear? Or just the ones from cydia?

    (On a side note: The installulous apps were not installed by me, and I've already purchased several of them legitimately. The two that remain I am leaving for now so I can "try them out" before I decide to buy them. (The ability to have a "trial version" is sorely lacking from the app ecosystem.)

    I guess, what I'm trying to figure out.. is how to prevent myself from waking up one day and seeing all the apps suddenly gone.
    2011-05-13 08:06 PM
  4. A3gOwner's Avatar
    A restore shouldn't be necessary. Pkgbackup will back up your cydia apps, syncing to iTunes will get the legitimate appstore apps backed up. Your out of luck with the ********** ones tho. I'd bad everything up just incase you have to restore for some unforeseen reason.
    2011-05-13 08:13 PM