1. cxeq's Avatar
    Hi. I am running a 3GS on 3.12 and have been for a long time. I have a bunch of stuff installed via cydia including themes (winterboard), sbsettings, and some other stuff. Is there a way for me to upgrade to the latest OS without losing my jailbroken/unlocked stuff or any of my apps/tweaks/stuff. thanks in advance
    2011-06-02 04:29 PM
  2. thecrunked's Avatar
    not really. there are cydia apps that will back your stuff up, but most of it will not be compatible with ios 4.3.3. you should just upgrade your phone in itunes all (use sn0wbreeze/pwnagetool to make a CFW if you want to preserve your baseband) and then jailbreak it via redsn0w. it really doesn't take too long to reinstall your stuff, maybe like 1 hour. with all the benefits of ios 4, you might as well just sit your butt down and do it
    2011-06-02 06:53 PM