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    Hey all!! This is my first post, I only just found out about this jail break thing so I realy do not know anything about it. What got me interested was a friend told me I could make my I pod's speaker louder, that would be nice. But first I do not know what to download to do this jail thing. I have a I pod touch 8gb. What I can find is this, it says it is a version 4.2.1 and moddel MC086ll. Any help or advice would be great, thanx in advance!!
    2011-07-15 02:21 PM
  2. xtacy's Avatar
    3rd generation MC 8gb version
    Not technically a 3rd gen tho
    U can jailbreak using greenpois0n
    2011-07-15 02:31 PM
  3. VIPERS36's Avatar
    Thank u very much!!
    Uhh, where do I go to get this greenpoison?
    2011-07-15 02:33 PM
  4. xtacy's Avatar
    2011-07-15 02:49 PM
  5. VIPERS36's Avatar
    Ok I did the jail break , got cydia and ********, now how do I mod my speaker volume out put? What else should I download? As I said I am totaly new to this.
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    2011-07-15 03:41 PM
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    U r a pirate. #faiil
    I guess u know using ********** is piracy. Piracy is illegal and scum .
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    2011-07-15 03:54 PM
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    Post edited. We won't help you if your going to post words like that. You know morals and forum rules
    2011-07-15 04:01 PM
  8. VIPERS36's Avatar
    What? What are you talking about? All I realy want from this ,,is to be able to have better control of my I pod, I dont need all that other fancy stuff becasue I have no clue what the hell they do!!! Right now I just want to increase my volume control whats so bad about that!!??
    2011-07-15 04:18 PM
  9. Broomhead's Avatar
    Open Cydia and search for boost volume or similar key words. There're a few different ones. I've never used them so try one out and report your results here
    2011-07-15 04:24 PM
  10. VIPERS36's Avatar
    Thank you, I will post in a few. Going to look for it now.
    2011-07-15 04:26 PM
  11. VIPERS36's Avatar
    Not much luck with any of the top downloads so far, wonder if I need to poke a hole in the speaker screen like they do on the I phone?
    2011-07-15 06:14 PM
  12. xtacy's Avatar
    Dont expect iPod to sound like a speaker system
    Or even like an iPhone . U won't get over 20% increase in sound.
    2011-07-15 09:17 PM